Emerging Risk - Hand Injuries

As a regional workers’ comp carrier, LUBA Workers’ Comp has the ability to monitor trends in on-the-job accidents.

Looking back over 2020, we have observed that the severity and costs associated with hand and finger injuries are increasing. Historically, hand injuries and associated costs have not been alarming; however, we are seeing injuries becoming costlier due to the introduction of more automated machinery, coupled with developments in modern medicine. Medical providers now have the ability to go to greater lengths to repair hand and finger injuries. Powerful hospital-administered antibiotics are used to treat infections. Skin grafts can be utilized and specialty surgeons can treat and repair nerve and tendon damage. The development of these technologies has meant better wound care treatments but can also mean more invasive procedures. 

LUBA took a closer look at eight claims involving hands and fingers. These eight accidents had a combined cost of 1.2 million dollars, with an average claim cost of $150,000 per accident. What can you do to prevent these devastating and expensive accidents? Schedule a loss control visit with an experienced LUBA Loss Control Consultant. We are familiar with the industries, equipment, and injuries. Based on our experience with similar operations, we can point out where an accident is likely to occur and make recommendations on how to prevent it. Machine guarding, lockout/tagout procedures, and personal protective equipment are tools available to prevent devastating and expensive injuries. Let us help you keep your employees safe!