Policyholder Spotlight: K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

Brenda Prudhomme, and her husband, executive chef Paul Miller outside of K-Paul’s, their restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana.


In the melting pot of the Deep South, you will find some of the best food in the world. Welcome to New Orleans, or “The Big Easy” as some prefer to call it, the home of jazz music, southern charm, and great food. Beyond the tourist spots and down the side streets, you will find a handful of local restaurants that have defined authentic Louisiana cuisine.

One of those defining places is K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, founded in 1979 by the world-renowned chef and ambassador to Louisiana culture, the late Paul Prudhomme and his wife, Kay. The tradition of K-Paul’s continues today with his niece, Brenda Prudhomme, and her husband, executive chef Paul Miller.
Coincidentally, Paul Miller grew up in Opelousas, the same small town in which Paul Prudhomme was raised. The couple has a long history of running K-Paul’s, having overseen operations when the late
chef often traveled around the world.

“He was larger than life and taught us what flavor means, but most importantly, he taught us both what heart means,” Brenda said. “Paul runs the restaurant’s back-of-house, while I run the front-of-house — a dynamic duo.” The hustle and bustle of K-Paul’s is akin to a ballet as servers bring hot, delicious meals to hungry patrons who are intent on devouring every morsel. “Keeping our team members safe in and out of the kitchen is one of our biggest responsibilities,” Brenda said.

Chef Paul Prudhomme / 1940 - 2015

The legacy of caring for team members was passed down from Chef Paul Prudhomme when he began hosting daily pre-shift “family meals” for the entire staff of K-Paul’s more than 40 years ago. “We hire local and our team knows the flavor of the city. Many of our team members have been with us for 15 to 20 years. From cooks to waiters, dishwashers to managers, we dine together because it’s important to take a break and appreciate one another,” Chef Miller said.

This culture of caring is demonstrated in the quality of insurance in which the duo has invested. Based in Metairie, Louisiana, Joey Herbert, Bob Swayze, Tommy McMahon, and Barbara Battley of Eustis Insurance & Benefits, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, handles K-Paul’s insurance needs. “Over the many years we’ve insured K-Paul’s, every recommendation offered to Brenda and Paul has provided them with excellent protection, fair rates, and coverage from great insurance companies, like LUBA” Swayze said. “We have found the level of professionalism provided by everyone who works for LUBA to be the best in the business.”

“We have found the level of professionalism provided by everyone who works for LUBA
to be the best in the business.”

“Our team, including Mike Whelan with Eustis, along with LUBA loss control consultant, Ken Belton, has
truly taken the time to engage and develop best practices when it comes to employee safety,” Swayze added. Through recommendations given during LUBA safety consultations, K-Paul’s has integrated powerful safety initiatives to protect their team members.

Brenda and Chef Paul Miller’s willingness and commitment to their team has resulted in K-Paul’s
implementation of many safety initiatives and concepts that have led to an excellent long-term loss ratio and a competitive program.

From left: Bob Swayze of Eustis, Ken Belton of LUBA Loss Control, Mike Whelan of Eustis, Brenda Prudhomme and Chef Paul Miller of K-Paul’s

When asked what her favorite menu item is at K-Paul’s, Brenda said, “All of them. Each one of the dishes we serve comes with a very personal story to me and Paul, but the signature dish that everyone loves is the Blackened Louisiana Drum that is blackened in a cast iron skillet.” 

The collaboration between K Paul’s, LUBA, and Eustis Insurance, a Marsh McLennan Agency, may not be on the menu, but it is a key ingredient.